Pricing & Info


Of the 25 couples I shoot for each year, the vast majority end up using the inclusive coverage listed below ($4,000).  I do not have preset packages, but allow each couple to make necessary changes to their coverage as they see fit.  It is not uncommon for my clients to make adjustments to their coverage even during the day of their wedding.  Any pricing changes are discussed with each couple before being applied. If you need more or less coverage, products, or other options, please feel free to ask.  

Wedding Coverage - $4,000 

One Photographer (Benjamin)

8 Hours Day Of Coverage

Engagement Session (Price Deduction Applied if Unused)

Individual Post Production

Online Proofing/Ordering Services

Engagement Dvd With Copyright Release

Wedding Dvd With Copyright Release



Additional Coverage - $150 /hour 

2nd Shooter For 8 Hour Coverage - $600 

Album Info Available Upon Request


If you like the work you see and feel comfortable with the pricing, I usually recommend emailing, calling, or texting to setup a face to face meeting.  Because I limit my season to 25 weddings in total, I must book dates on a first come first serve basis.  While a meeting is not completely necessary (a few couples book via email each year), I do think it is very beneficial.  If after meeting in person, on the phone, or via skype, you would like to have your date officially booked and held, a $1000 deposit must be placed for your date.  The remaining balance for your coverage is due by the day of your wedding (unless other options have been agreed upon).  

the bjp style

I would consider myself a photojournalist with a hint of classic fine art.  During a typical 8 hour wedding, I will capture 8,000 - 10,000 raw photos.  I prefer to approach each day as a journalist, telling the story of the day, while trying to make my presence unknown to those Im capturing.  In the last 12 years I have worked with every type of couple .. from very type A (10 page single spaced schedule and photo breakdown for the entire day) to the most laid back couples you could imagine ("show up whenever you want Benjamin .. we trust you to do your thing").  Because of the wide range of personalities and desires from my varying clients, I have learned to adjust what I bring into each wedding.  I can shoot a wedding and have my couples be completely unaware of my shooting .. I can also take over and give direction if that is what my client desires.   In general, I believe your wedding is such a special day and that day should represent your desires .. not any of your vendors desires.  I am always available to my couples to offer suggestions based on my years of wedding experience, but I always give them the disclaimer that I am here to help and make recommendations, not demands.  

after the wedding

After shooting a wedding, the very first step is backing up your photos.  I make 3 backups of every image I shoot at each wedding (I go through about 20TBs of hard drive space per season).  After backing up your photos I begin the post production process which starts with narrowing down those 10,000 photos (I still keep all the originals).  After narrowing down the photos, which typically amounts to about 1,200 images, I start the editing process which includes each image being individually adjusted.  Because I limit my shooting schedule each season, I do not outsource any of my work.  That means that every image is viewed and edited by me.  That also means that my clients can input their personal preference on style and effects before I begin retouching their images.  After the approximately 1,200 images have been individually retouched they are ftpd to each couples personal website gallery via pixieset. From there the images can be immediately downloaded and prints can be ordered.  All copyrights are released to each couple.  Most couples prefer to download their images because it is the most immediate method, however I do offer data discs or thumb drives with the images as well.