Katie M

Ben really is the best. The process was excellent from start to finish, he is extremely personable and simply fun to work with (you will be with your photographer for the whole day)! During the planning process, Ben was always available to talk about questions/concerns, there to offer advice when I was unsure of what I wanted, etc. For our engagement photos, he actually suggested a different site than I had in mind (only as an option) and I was really thrilled with the photos and so happy that we decided to follow his advice. Then came the wedding photos, and WOW. . . they were more than we could have hoped for. Ben was able to post a sneak peak the day after the wedding, which was such a great surprise as we were having brunch with our friends/family and got to look through them (love iphones). The comments on facebook still have not stopped (based on the knot's countdown, we were married 125 days ago) and were overwhelming. I was messaged from people in high school who I haven't spoken with in years just to mention what a wonderful job he did. I love photography (as a hobby) so this was an important vendor choice for me and one that I found to be difficult with so many great options in Columbus. I can say though that I really feel we made the right decision, could not have been more happy! If you made it here, stop won't be disappointed! 

A joy to work with!
Trista S

Benjamin is an absolute joy to work with. We had our engagement pictures as well as our wedding photos done with him. He is so accomodating and easy going. Our engagement pictures were gorgeous, we went to two different locations both equally as gorgeous and unique. We've received so many compliments on our engagement pictures. On the day of our wedding I felt as though Benjamin was a part of the wedding party. He is so friendly and fun, he fit right in with our friends. Although all of our pictures aren't done yet, he has sent us a preview of several different shots throughout the day and they are gorgeous! I'm not a photogenic person but somehow he is able to take pictures that make me look like a beautiful bride. I would highly recommend Benjamin James Photograpy to anyone needing the services of a photographer!

Benjamin James is the BEST!
Katelyn C

Ben is literally so talented, sweet, flexible - the best! We used Ben for our wedding in April as well as our Engagement photos. I was looking for a photographer with more of an artistic eye, who would capture the essence of the day and not just provide traditional photos - and that is exactly what Ben offers. He truly captured the essence of our day and who we are as a couple. All of our family and friends were obessesed with how the photos came out (including us of course!). Ben is an incredible editor so the photos are so stunning. I've never looked better (ha!).

Absolutely the best photographer!
Emily K

Having Ben as our photographer was one of the best choices we made for our wedding. Our pictures are nothing short of absolutely stunning! His style of photography is so unique and people are in awe of both our wedding and engagement pictures. Ben is also such a personable and genuine guy. I promise that you will be SO happy with choosing Benjamin James Photography for your wedding. I will treasure our photos for many, many years to come!

Best Photographer in CMH
Sachia J

I did a lot of research to find the perfect wedding photographer and knew from the minute I saw Benjamins' work, we would ONLY work with him! He's unbelievably talented, BEYOND amazing at shooting with natural lighting, and extremely professional. We just got our pictures back and I literally want prints of EVERYTHING!!! You're planning the most important day of your lives so its only right to have the best photographer capturing every moment of it. Do yourself a favor and book Benjamin James for your wedding:)

Amazing to work with, beautiful pictures!
Stacy C

Ben was wonderful to work with! He was flexible, patient, fun and so easy to be around. We had so many special requests for different family shots and he just went with it! His pictures were amazing and capture the day perfectly! I can't say enough about how happy we were we chose him to be a part of our day. Thank you Ben!

The best photographer
Andrea J

I knew I wanted to use this extremely talented photographer before I even knew I wanted to get married. Ben was the best decision I made for my wedding planning! His calm presence, his great attitude, his eye for beautiful pictures, and even capturing the most spectacular candid pictures made the memories so amazing to look back on. We did not have a traditional wedding, and certainly had a rambunxious wedding party, and Ben embraced that when even my wedding planner could not. He worked with every question I had,) freely sent messages and accepted all of my request for different pictures (I was so neurotic when I look back at it) and he never once made me feel like I was an inconvinence. One of the things I loved most about Ben is that he never put this “I’m the wedding photographer get out of my way” or was in every one’s pictures. He let my guests enjoy the wedding and was never in the way of someone else’s pictures, yet captured so many that I couldn’t even remember parts of the day until I saw them. I appreciated his patience, understanding, and support of my marriage more than I actually realized I needed on my wedding day. It was like having a good friend take our pictures and just enjoy in our love that day. If you pick another photographer, you aren’t giving yourself the wedding and memories you deserve to have and share later. If you want that “pinterest-worthy” picture that makes everyone envious, then you should pick Ben. Even if you don’t want that, but just want to see pictures of yourself more beautiful then you’ve ever realized yourself to be, pick Ben. If you want to see someone capture your husband/future husband in a way that shows him how only you though you saw him, pick Ben. I can’t stress it enough how amazing this man is as as a photographer and as a person in general. There need to be more people like Ben in the world. There will be a lot of stress, nagging, and it’s ineviable there will be a problem that arises with a wedding. I can promise you with everything that I have, that Ben will not be that for you. The pictures are gorgeous and I get so many compliments on them.

Stop Looking, You've Found Your Photographer
Elizabeth L

The second my fiance and I met Benjamin, we knew we had found our photographer. We needn't have bothered looking any further, but we did, mostly because all the wedding websites tell you to interview more than one. However, not a single one could compare to Benjamin's enthusiasm, experience, raw talent, flexibility, and personality. EVERYTHING we asked was "No problem!" and "We'll make it work!" Importantly, he wasn't shy about telling us if he thought that time constraints on the day of (we wanted pictures at multiple locations in the city) or the lighting of the shot wasn't exactly right. He is a perfectionist, and you can see it in all of his pictures. While most photographers get a few good shots, Benjamin's camera is FULL of them. My bridesmaid looked at his website and said that, if any one of his pictures were the ONLY picture she had from her wedding, she would be happy. Benjamin is so responsive and willing to work with you. He was always available by email; all of my inquiries were answered promptly. He also has A LOT of experience in the industry and is FULL of recommendations for other vendors. This was invaluable, as we were planning our wedding from out of town and didn't have time to run around interviewing a bunch of people. Every person he recommended was just as talented and personable, and we inevitably ended up hiring them as well. Our wedding will mostly be attended by 20-somethings, so we really wanted someone who could get along with our friends. Benjamin is that person. He is so enthusiastic and open, our friends who have met him have loved him. Hiring Benjamin was honestly one of the best decisions we made planning the wedding, and it will be one of yours too.

Lizzie Scott Wedding-0651.jpg

Professional, fun, experienced wedding photographer
Michelle M

We felt so lucky to have had Ben photograph our wedding. He made everyone feel so comfortable and relaxed behind the camera, even my husband who doesn't love getting his pictures taken! Ben brought a great energy to our day, he was fun, energetic, professional and creative. You won't find a better wedding photographer in Columbus, we are so happy we went with Benjamin James photography!

Jessica L

Ben was awesome to work with! He did both our engagement pictures and our wedding day pictures. He's young, he's cool, and doesn't take BORING pictures like unfortunately so many photographers still do. He offered the photo journalism style, just what we wanted. He was always reachable, I could txt message him whenever I had a question or needed to schedule appointments. He was worth every penny!

Worth every penny!
Kristen P

Hiring Benjamin James Photography has been one of the absolute best decisions we have made regarding our Wedding. Though we have not had the wedding yet, the quality of work he did with our engagement pictures makes my fiance and I KNOW our wedding pictures will be breath taking. Neither my fiance David or I enjoy taking pictures, and were a little worried about how they would turn out. However, we were BLOWN AWAY with how great they turned out! Benjamin even managed to make our crazy dogs looked controlled and like "good dogs". I have recommended BJP to EVERY bride I know and will use him for many years to come! Benjamin is an absolute professional and truly passionate about what he does, how can you beat that?

Highly Recommend
Jennifer K

I would highly recommend Benjamin James Photography! We met with him about 1 month after getting engaged at his home office, which is very comfortable and welcoming. He really took the time to get to know each of us individually, and as a couple. He has been very easy to communicate with and is very organized and prompt in his correspondence. We will be getting married in October so I can attest to his amazing work more at that time! So far we have had our engagement session (we waited months to finally get around to this), but what a fun and relaxing experience! He made the evening very casual and really played into our interest of the outdoors and allowed us to drive him to some of our favorite spots around the area! We enjoyed the time spent with him and are looking forward to our wedding day and seeing all of his shots!

5 Star Photos and Experience
Helen E

My fiancé and I were hesitant to go over budget for our photographer but after seeing Ben’s portfolio I couldn't have gone with anyone else. We took our engagement photos this summer and had the best time with Ben- he made us feel 100% comfortable and we ended up having a ton of fun. The photos we got back were beyond amazing. We have received some many wonderful compliments on the photos. Not only do they capture our personality they are also pieces of art that we will cherish for forever. He was worth every bit of our investment and he hasn't even done our wedding yet! He worked extremely hard, cared about our vision, and we both feel that he really went above and beyond. I can’t wait to see the moments he captures at our wedding! We would recommend him to anyone and everyone. We have far too many good things to say about him

The Best Wedding Photos I've Ever Seen
Erin Z

Benjamin did several of my friends' weddings, so I called him when planning mine. His pictures capture every emotion of the moment and each personality in the photos. I have never seen a wedding photographer with such a gift for freezing each moment in time without imposing on the subjects. His demeanor is so warm and kind that he can make even the most shy guest confident about being photographed. Best of all, the photos look like my friends and family having fun, and not some photoshopped version of themselves. His pricing is very honest and upfront. There is absolutely no sales pressure. You get far more than you pay for with his services. He is always happy to take direction, but what I loved was that when I gave him free reign, he shot for hours without breaks and found breath-taking shots everywhere. There were so many great photos, that we just ended up making disks and letting our families choose their own favorites to print.

Stunning work and great person- You won't be let down!
Christina S

As if planning a wedding doesn't involve a lot of time as is, planning one thousands of miles away involves even more. It was very important to me to choose a photographer I felt comfortable with immediately, mainly because I wouldn't be meeting him until the morning of the wedding. The first time Benjamin and I talked, I knew he would be perfect! He was professional, full of advice, he listened, and is an all around nice guy. The wedding went flawlessly. A lot of our guests commented about how friendly Benjamin was and our family was especially impressed with how comfortable he made everyone feel. I'll be honest in telling you my husband and I are normal, everyday people from the country....but when we look at our wedding photos, they are so much more than that! We are always getting comments about how our pictures belong in a magazine...which is strange to us since we're just average people! Your wedding day is going to pass so quickly and you need to find a photographer you can rely on to bring you back to those special moments months, years, even centuries later. Benjamin's work is more than beautiful. It is creative, stunning, full of emotions- all things you want when you look back on the most important day of your life. Bride to bride- there may be cheaper photographers out there, but your photos aren't something you should skip on. We paid for our wedding by ourselves and I know how expensive things can get. But trust me when I say that spending a little more and using Benjamin James Photography is a great decision! He's a nice guy who takes beautiful photography, it doesn't get better than that.

Best referral I could ask for
Genna Q

Ben was a referral from good friends of mine...they both gushed about how cool and laid back he was, and how comfortable they felt around him. During our initial consultation, I realized that he had done work with a lot of people that I knew. He was very interested in getting to know our story and tying that into his style of photography. Our engagement pics were better than I ever could have imagined, and I'm anxiously awaiting our wedding proofs. My husband and I aren't super traditional, and both being hairdressers, we wanted our photography to have an artistic flair. Ben delivered, and exceeded our expectations. He has an eye for detail and symmetry, and his editing his stellar. All in all, he was the BEST CHOICE that we made involving our wedding!!! He's professional, and calming in the midst of chaos, and worth every penny!

Best Vendor We Worked With
Kirsten S

We can't say enough good things about the overall service we received from Ben and his crew on our wedding day. I have been in weddings before where the photographers were pushy and rude in order to get their shots and we never once experienced that with Ben. The photos we have seen of our wedding so far have been perfect, and validated everything we thought of his work after meeting with him before our wedding. At no point during the day did we feel like pictures were being staged, it was all very natural and that was very important to us. When his day was ended, he came up to say goodbye and we realized there was a group photo we had forgot to take. Instead of seeming irritated or telling us it would cost extra to stay, he worked with us to get all the people gathered together and make sure we got the perfect shot. His work speaks for itself and his outgoing, kind personality is a great added bonus!

Linda S

We just had our engagement photo shoot with Benjamin, and I cannot say enough about how wonderful he is! When you look at other photographers, you oftentimes don't know what or who you will get, but with Benjamin, you know what you will get: amazing photos and an amazing experience! Benjamin's work is creative and personal, and he goes out of his way to listen to his clients and provide exactly what is requested. He takes more photos than other photographers, ensuring that no important moment will be missed. When searching for a photographer, I spent a significant amount of time searching many photographers' online galleries, and Benjamin's photos blew me away. I am so excited to see the engagement photos and the wedding photos that he will take next July!

Jenny T

Ben is an AMAZING photographer! He did such a FANTASTIC job and is so personable. I would highly recommend him! My husband and I could not be happier with our pictures!

Best photographer EVER
Michelle B

I couldn't be more thrilled that we used Benjamin James as our photographer. He was super professional and incredibly personable throughout the whole process. Anytime I had any questions he was always available to offer his opinions and advice. His photojournalism style is unparalleled, he really catches the emotion of every moment and he can transform ANY background or setting into something romantic and amazing. We were able to see a sample of our photos the day after the wedding and I continue to look through them every single day in complete awe of how much talent he has. Hands down the best decision out of the entire wedding process!

Absolutely wonderful!
Megan Q

My husband and I were married in October 2011 and could not have had a better experience with Ben! He is incredibly creative and talented, and our pictures turned out amazingly - our family and friends just cannot stop complimenting them! When searching for a photographer, it was just as important to us that we found someone who was not only a true artist, but who was incredibly personable and truly professional. Ben is absolutely one of the most encouraging, calm, flexible, optomistic and professional people I have ever worked with! Anyone who is getting married/has gotten married knows that all of those things are so important for a bride-to-be, her future husband and their families. When you have so many things to do and it can be stressful trying to manage everything, having a vendor who is friendly, flexible and encouraging is amazing! Ben made everything so much fun and so easy, and it truly made our wedding a piece of cake! Although Ben's prices were on the higher end of other photographers we looked at, in my opinion you absolutely cannot put a price on the creativity, enthusiasm and professionalism Ben has to offer! When I look back at our wedding photos - photos we will have for the rest of our lives - I am so happy with how they turned out and will always remember the best day of my life. I am so happy to have worked with Ben and would recommend him to anyone and everyone!

Best photographer
Heather P

Ben was very professional, so great with people, and is extremely talented. He was just as excited for our day as we were it seemed! He was all over the place taking pictures and capturing fun moments. I would recommend him to my friend and family always! thank you Ben!

Olivia F

Ben is amazing!!! He did such a great job with our photos!! He was even willing to stay after our wedding and do additional photos with us, since we ran out of time before the ceremony! He was super creative and took us to so many different and interesting locations to shoot photos. Would recommend to anyone - DO NOT BOOK ANYONE ELSE FOR YOUR PHOTOS!!!!

Ben is AWESOME!!
Allison O

Benjamin James Photography is amazing. Great guy to work with--professional and friendly. Very easy to work with and does a great job capturing the moments.

Amazing Photographer and Beautiful Pictures!!!
Katie R

We had one meeting with Ben and knew at that time that he should be the photographer for our wedding! He is so easy and fun to work with. He gives his suggestions for places to take pictures but always wants it to be your decision. We had a blast taking our engagement pictures with him and they turned out so beautiful. For the wedding, he was on time and brought a great second shooter with him. Ben has such creative ideas for pictures and makes sure each shot is set up perfectly. He is one of the best vendors we have worked with. I definitely recommend having Ben be your photographer! He makes a personal connection with his clients, which further assures you he would go out of his way to make your wedding pictures perfect.

Sadie P

I would give him six stars if I could! Ben is so amazing and made the whole photography process a piece of cake! He made us feel incredibly at ease when being photographed -- which isn't always easy when you're kissing someone for a photo and trying to make it look natural! We opted for the engagement session as well, which I'm very happy about (I also think it made the wedding photography go that much more smoothly, since we had all worked together before). He also took the initiative to get a lot of photos that I wouldn't have thought of: still life's of the bouquets, our rings, the church, the reception hall, etc. Most importantly, I was confident that our wedding was his number one priority during the hours he was with us -- he was very focused and professional, while also embracing the joy and happiness of the day. Shuttling between the church and the reception hall, I knew he was only a phone call away at all times, should a last minute change occur. Friends and family who have seen the photos have all been overwhelmingly positive, and commented on not only how beautiful they are, but also how Ben managed to "capture the spirit of the day." I would recommend him to anyone getting married in the Columbus area (or elsewhere!). We couldn't be happier with how the photos turned out -- Ben is great!!

Couldn't Have Been Better
Chadwick D

My bride and I were exceptionally pleased with Ben. We interviewed 6 photographers and really came down to 2, who we felt had the journalistic style, creativity and talent that we desired. As we weighed the pros of the final 2, we could not escape Ben's upbeat demeanor and personality. His photographic talent is exceptional (which is easily seen on his website), but he really separates himself from other outstanding photographers with his natural energy and attitude. Obviously, the wedding planning can be quite stressful and hectic, but he is ALWAYS optimistic, encouraging, calm, steady and willing to be flexible. Quite frankly, we stretched beyond our photo budget to work with Ben, and looking at both the experience and the finished product, it was worth every penny.

The Best Photographer in Columbus!!
Jessica Z

I honestly don't even know where to start....Ben photographed our wedding in August this year and he did an AMAZING job! He not only has a talent that is truly a gift from God but his personality is just as great. He is extremely easy and fun to work with. Multiple guests told us afterwards how much they liked that our photographer wasn’t in their face yet he was always taking cool shots! He not only captured the types of pictures we were looking for but even more than we could imagine. There is a lot of work that goes into editing photos after they are taken and Ben does a fantastic job with coloring, etc. He really told a story from start to finish of our day with his pictures and that is what we will have to show our grandkids years from now. Thanks Ben!

This guy rocks!
Ashrae S

Ben was incredibly flexible with us and helped us find package that allowed us to get exactly what we want and still stay within our budget. During our engagement photo session, Bens laid back and fun demeanor immediately put us at ease in front of the camera and our photos were exactly what we had hoped for. I cannot wait to see the beautiful memories that he will capture on our wedding day. I would highly recommend Benjamin James Photography to anyone looking for a fun, creative and reasonable photographer!!

Benjamin James Photography Review
Caitlin L

We can really not say enough great things about Ben. He was with us every step of the way. His photos are truly amazing. Our breath was taken away with the quality of work that he produced. I cannot get enough of our pictures. He is polite, caring, and dedicated to creating outstanding photography. We now recommend Ben to all of our friends and family that are getting married. We HIGHLY recommend Benjamin James Photography!

Ben has the gift, the eye and the passion
Rachael D

Bens work truely brought all who experience looking at our wedding pictures to tears. He brings so much inspiration to his work. The lord has put a huge gifting in him, so pleased with one of the most memorable things we have to keep from our wedding!!! You would feel honored to have him capture your love, truely a honor to work with him!

Jessica G

Where do I even start?! When we sat down for our first meeting, we knew he was going to be a perfect match for us. Personality-wise, he is super fun to work with and, even though engagement and some wedding photos can be super awkward, he makes you feel totally at ease. We actually had FUN! His style allows you to remember how you felt at a certain moment, not just the generic posed pictures other photographers crank out in mass. It's truly awesome! And one thing I looked for in all of my wedding vendors was someone who understood me, my husband, and our vision. Ben executed that effortlessly! We haven't seen our pictures yet but we are 110% positive we will LOVE them as we did our engagement pictures. We can't thank him enough for being part of our big day!

So Talented!
Molly G

Benjamin is so professional, easygoing, creative, and very fun to be around! I am so happy that Ben got recommended to us. He is reasonably priced and his work is so worth the money. Everyone that I have shared the engagement and wedding pictures with LOVES them! Ben was so on top of the ball at the wedding - he did not miss a beat! Go with Ben and you will not be disappointed! Pictures are forever and Ben definitely captured our wedding day perfectly! Thanks Ben!

Great Photographer!
Laura L

My fiance and I just recently started working with Ben for our wedding. We met with him once and then did engagement photos and we couldn't be happier! His work is top notch and his creativity shows through in his photos. Ben is personable yet very professional and easy to work with. I am so excited to see the rest of our engagement photos and to have Ben as our photographer for our wedding!! If any of my sisters or friends are looking for a photographer, I will definitely be reccomending Benjamin James Photography!!

The Best
Kate C

After we met with Ben, we knew he was the perfect fit for us. He is extremely genuine and made us feel comfortable immediately. Our engagement session photos were amazing and we are so excited to see the beautiful memories he will capture at our wedding this December! Ben is creative,professional and extremely talented. His work speaks for itself.

VERY Happy Bride
Ashlee Y

Ben photographed my wedding this past June and I love his work. His photography style allows you to 'feel' the emotions, passion, and joy that took place on your wedding day. He was by far the easiest, most reassuring and encouraging vendor I encountered throughout wedding planning. Not once did I doubt him, his skills, or his professionalism. He was recommended to me by a friend and I recommend him to everyone that asks. Ben doesn't just photograph your wedding, he gets to know you, he cares, he just 'gets' it -the BEST thing you can ask for in a vendor, as a Bride planning a wedding! You can't get that day back so make sure you have all the confidence in the world in your photographer!

Awesome photos and so fun to work with!
Jenna S

Not only are Ben's photos amazing, but he is an awesome person as well. Ben will be shooting our wedding next March, and he recently shot our engagement photos. He made us feel so comfortable and we had such a great time. Everyone LOVES the photos, including myself and my fiance! He truly has a great eye for unique and beautiful photos. I can't wait to have him shoot at our wedding as well!

Amazing Photographer
Courtney S

Ben photographed our wedding this past June. Ben is incredible. My husband and Ifelt that he cared about us and our day and he exceeded our expectations in making our day memorable. Ben is extremely professional, yet not intimidating. Ben offers a unique, modern, eclectic vision to your wedding day. We contine to get compliments on our photos. I would recommend Ben to every couple I could, and tell them to embrace his technique and to fall in love with his work!!